Sustainable Golf Week at The Springs

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PUBLISHED 2 years ago

Sustainable Golf Week is here and what better time to reflect, celebrate and drive further sustainability awareness within our much-loved sport. Sustainable golf week provides a time for people within golf to connect around a common purpose of making sure golf plays its part in a bid to strengthen the industry’s commitments within sustainability.

We are proud to be a GEO certified site at The Springs, which means we have achieved the highest credited standard for a golf facility with regarding our environmental and social responsibility. Once you achieve GEO certification, it doesn’t stop there. The GEO certification must be renewed every few years and each time, improving your sustainability actions. 

sustainability red kite

A large part of this, has been planting vast amounts of indigenous wildflower to specific areas which helps preserve, protect and expand habitats. We have also worked extremely hard on managing the rough and more naturalised areas by thinning out rank grasses, which also encourages the finest species and pollinators. A better and more natural environment helps protect our beautiful parkland course. Protecting our wildlife is a huge priority at The Springs. Golfers often share the fairways with red kites and sometimes, even snakes, which can be spotted on the course.

Water management has been a key feature for us in our on-going sustainable actions. We have developed a washing system which recycles water from underneath the car park, into a tank to collect and use to wash our equipment. We are also continuing to preserve resources by using smart diagnostics that allow us to check moisture levels below surfaces before watering. Water will continue to become scarce, which is why it is important to try and preserve it the best we can.

sustainability week water management

Our vision is to continue improving the high standards of sustainability we have set ourselves, preserving and increasing the habitats throughout The Springs, so that all animals, insects, species and habitats remain in their natural home. This is key in ensuring the best possible future for our sport, and if we all work together, we can all make a difference.