TaylorMade Stealth 2

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PUBLISHED 1 year ago

Following the major success of TaylorMade’s Stealth range last year, the highly anticipated Stealth 2 family enters the golf market for 2023. The second addition to the Stealth family has been described by TaylorMade as delivering ‘cheat code’ like results as their iconic red carbon face makes a return this time with more carbon to provide more forgiveness. Included in the Stealth 2 family is the driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons.



TaylorMade have yet again pushed past the limits of titanium and welcomed golfers around the world to the Carbonwood age. The all-new Stealth 2 driver collection combines the elements of speed and forgiveness to unlock a term as developed by TaylorMade themselves being FARGIVENESS. Following in the footsteps of its sister product, the Stealth 2 driver comes in three different models including the standard Stealth 2, the Stealth 2 HD and the Stealth 2 Plus. All three of the models build on the speed producing success of the original carbon Twist Face that optimised energy transfer for fast ball speeds. The new face design in the Stealth 2 features an advanced version of Inverted Cone Technology to help maintain ball speed on off-centre strikes and increases forgiveness. It weighs lighter than the original Stealth face to create a larger sweet spot and boosted performance across the entire face making all three of the drivers more forgiving but also faster.

The standard Stealth 2 driver features nearly twice the amount of carbon compared to the original Stealth. TaylorMade have also finely tuned the acoustics to deliver a sound profile that is both bright and powerful. The Stealth 2 HD offers similar benefits but is designed in the form of a draw-bias driver, making it the most stable and forgiving model in the family. The Stealth 2 Plus is arguably the driver suited for the better player who requires less forgiveness as this is more technical by allowing you to personalise trajectory and performance via a sliding weight which can be positioned for your preferred shot shape.



The new fairway woods from TaylorMade have been described as a golf ‘cheat code’ encouraging players that they have the answer to reachable Par 5s, tight Par 4s and long Par 3s. Following in the same choice as the driver, the Stealth 2 fairway woods are available in the three different models. The standard Stealth 2 uses advanced Inverted Cone Technology to maximise ball speed and inspire confidence. The Stealth 2 HD features an eye-catching high MOI design that visually stands out and delivers off-the-chart performance. Providing a draw-bias shot shape, this fairway massively increases confidence and playability for golfers of all skill levels. The Stealth 2 Plus combines three different fairways into one club. A combination of the massive sliding weight and the adjustable loft sleeve allows golfers to dial in their desired flight and performance characteristics. Shift the weight back for higher launch and stability, leave the weight centred for versatile performance or shift the weight forward for a low-spin ball flight and maximum distance.



The Stealth 2 hybrid prioritises distance, forgiveness and playability in all three of its models for all level of golfers. While the Stealth 2 HD hybrid as expected offers a draw-bias benefit compared to the standard model, the Stealth 2 hybrid features a low-CG design to help you launch it high and far. Using advanced Inverted Cone Technology engineered within the face, this allows for maximised ball speed while maintaining conformance and improving durability in each individual hybrid. The Stealth 2 Plus hybrid is preferred by the better player due to its Tour-inspired shape. This refined and compact Tour-inspired shape lends itself to enhanced shot making, control and workability with the added forgiveness of a hybrid.



Expect better shots more often with the all-new Stealth 2 HD irons. TaylorMade’s latest iron release have clearly been designed for success featuring a draw-bias setup and high launching distance to allow golfers to hit more successful shots more often. The new Stealth 2 HD irons have been designed with performance driven shaping for better turf interaction while also helping maximise distance, forgiveness and feel with the Cap Back design. The ECHO Damping System destroys harsh vibrations and creates a forged-like feel. TaylorMade finish these off by including their own Thru-Slot Speed Technology engineered to maximise face flexibility for increased ball speed and forgiveness for miss-hits low on the face.


Pre-ordering is now available here at The Springs ahead of Stealth 2’s retail launch on the 10th of February. Secure your Stealth 2 set before the new season starts by getting custom-fitted now and use our GC-Quad fitting facilities here at The Springs. For more information call the pro shop on 01491 827300 and press option two.