New Foresight Indoor Studios Unveiled at The Springs

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PUBLISHED 3 years ago

When we were working on the development project here at The Springs, an indoor studio facility was very high up the list of ‘must-haves’. An indoor golf simulator is crucial these days as it allows coaching, fitting, play and practice, no matter the weather conditions or time of day.

Having already used Foresight GC Quads in the facility for our coaching, we naturally spoke with them to discuss our plans. They quickly understood our desire to create a ‘state of the art’ coaching and fitting facility, for both our members and guests with a goal of allowing them to easily work on their game. The outcome, was the creation of  two Foresight Sports Professional Series Golf Simulators and a separate putting studio. 

The golf simulators are both powered by the award-winning GCQuad launch monitor which uses ultra-high-speed cameras to measure the golf ball and golf club with sub-millimetre precision. This provides the most accurate and reliable golf simulator experience available today.

The precise measurement from the GCQuad can then be used with a choice of software options:

  • The FSX 2020 simulation software provides an immersive golf experience for the player and the golf professional to be able to practice on the driving range or golf course, or to play golf on a number of world-renowned courses.
  • The FSX Pro software is the perfect tool for coaching or club-fitting as it allows the Professional to dial in to the numbers and focus on exactly what the golfer is doing. The new tagging feature offers one of the most in-depth data capture programs available.
  • The Foresight Fairgrounds software offers a completely different option to every level of golfer. Complete with a choice of fairground style mini games that are endless fun, each requiring the development of a different golf-based skill.

Watch the video below as we speak toPGA Professional and Foresight Sports Europe Product Expert Justin Sandler, to find out more about the build and exactly what golfers can expect when they visit our fantastic new facility.